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Last Minute Tips To Crack UPSC Exam

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UPSC is considered as the most prestigious government entrance exam in the country . Every parent as well as the students dream to make it big by clearing this exam. But along with being the most reputed exam in India, it is also the most difficult exam to crack. Spanned at two levels, with first being objective and the second subjective, followed by an interview; a candidate is tested not just on their academic quotient but also on their aptitude and attitude towards all things general as well as important. This year the UPSC examination will be held on the 18th of June. Students should give the studies their best shot but first, we need to understand the pattern of UPSC exam. 


Prelims   - It has two papers. 

  • General studies paper I : This is a General Studies paper of 200 marks spanning over 2 hours.  In this paper, selection is based on cut offs. 
  • General studies paper II : This is an Aptitude Test (CSAT) of 200 marks spanning over 2 hours. This paper is qualifying in nature.

    Since the exam is around the corner, all the UPSC aspirants must have covered most of the topics by now and even if some of you haven't, it's never too late to start preparing for it. Here are the significant last minute hacks for clearing the exam:- Significant Last Minute Hacks

1. Previous year's Question Papers    Go through previous year's question papers and try to understand the idea behind the pattern of the questions. It's never just about one's academic opulence but about how well informed and enlightened the candidate is. Preliminary exam is all about eliminating the faulty or choosing the best possible alternative in a question with close choices. The more you practice previous year's sets and model test papers, the more easy it would become for you to get the knack of the question. 

2. Take Mock Tests    Mock tests are a brilliant technique to master all the subjects within prescribed time frame. It helps you not only to gain confidence over familiar questions but also to be acquainted with marking the right answer on the OMR sheet. Like they say, knowing is not enough. You can also visit various coaching centers just to take Mock Tests or you can take them online from home as well. Speed and accuracy play an important role while taking any exam and in this one, the more precisely confident you are about the answers, the better are the chances for you to succeed.  NCERT books can be referred to for subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Environment and Ecology, Science and Technology and it's important to be updated with the happenings all over the world to be able to score better in the Current Affairs section

3. Revise! Revise! Revise!    Learning by heart has helped a few so it's important to revise all the subjects time and again. Especially, traditional subjects like Economics, Geography, History, Polity etc. are not to be considered easy as there's is no 'favorite' area of the examiner's. It's pertinent that you revise all the subjects with markers/comments scribbled on a sheet of paper for future use.

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4. Do not neglect Mains while preparing for Prelims    The nature of questions is different in Prelims from Mains but there are various overlapped topics in the syllabus which are not to be missed. To bridge this gap, it is important to go through the syllabus of Mains and prepare its topics for the Prelims. This knowledge of various topics will definitely give you an edge over others aspirants as this will help you score better.  Also, this will help you to prepare fast for the Mains. 

5. Take it easy on the D' Day.    Even the best of us crack under pressure, so it's important to keep your cool and not be a nervous wreck on the exam day. Whatever you have studied is enough for you to accomplish the tough task at hand and make use of all the knowledge that you have gained till date. Take out five minutes from your crazy routine on a daily basis and try not to think of anything, just relax. Give yourself the confidence of a go-getter and appreciate the hard work that you have put in. Try not to be too hard on yourself. It's under pressure that we end up making silly mistakes as stupid as marking the wrong answer while you knew the correct one the whole time. Believe in yourself and envision your aim of becoming an IAS Officer. You can, therefore you will.  

    Wishing all the UPSC aspirants good luck from Team EDUCATION FOREVER.

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