Study Material for all Subjects

Analog Communications
11 Topics 816 Questions

5 Topics 316 Questions

Analog Circuits
3 Topics 105 Questions

4 Topics 331 Questions

Advanced Machining Proces
6 Topics 992 Questions

SQL Server
5 Topics 226 Questions

2 Topics 75 Questions

Computer Organization and
2 Topics 230 Questions

4 Topics 298 Questions

Internet of things (IoT)
4 Topics 199 Questions

Cyber Security
3 Topics 156 Questions

Cascading Style Sheets (C
8 Topics 436 Questions

Apache Hadoop
10 Topics 723 Questions

Cloud Computing
10 Topics 696 Questions

Artificial Intelligence
9 Topics 712 Questions

1 Topics 36 Questions

Operating System
6 Topics 352 Questions

Automobile Engineering
3 Topics 169 Questions

Energy Engineering
8 Topics 957 Questions

Power Plant
12 Topics 946 Questions

Control Systems
10 Topics 875 Questions

Power Electronics
8 Topics 688 Questions

9 Topics 652 Questions

Digital Signal Processing
8 Topics 450 Questions

8 Topics 487 Questions

Data Structure and Algori
29 Topics 2659 Questions

Current Affairs
14 Topics 1198 Questions

Education and Teaching
15 Topics 2767 Questions

हिंदी भाषा
13 Topics 449 Questions

English Language
9 Topics 1504 Questions

Applied Chemistry
8 Topics 965 Questions

Environmental Studies
17 Topics 1354 Questions

16 Topics 984 Questions

7 Topics 199 Questions

20 Topics 276 Questions

6 Topics 42 Questions

16 Topics 1253 Questions

12 Topics 829 Questions

Chemical Engineering
12 Topics 1236 Questions

Civil Engineering
4 Topics 941 Questions

Electrical Engineering
12 Topics 1229 Questions

Banking Awareness
14 Topics 1097 Questions

1 Topics 117 Questions

Structured Query Language
1 Topics 65 Questions

Computer Fundamentals
22 Topics 1974 Questions

Logical Reasoning
16 Topics 250 Questions

Verbal Reasoning
18 Topics 721 Questions

Non Verbal Reasoning
5 Topics 452 Questions

General English
9 Topics 2022 Questions

General Knowledge
26 Topics 3085 Questions

Arithmetic Aptitude
35 Topics 672 Questions

Embedded System
13 Topics 960 Questions

Digital Communication
14 Topics 1011 Questions

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Candidates preparing for competitive exams, for them, study material are the most precious things, especially for the one who are preparing for SSC Exam, IBPS Bank Exams, UPSC Exams, LIC Exam, and other government examination. They need to mainly focus upon Indian Polity Notes, Data Interpretation Notes, Aptitude Notes, GK, Reasoning Notes, English Notes, Marketing Awareness and Computer, etc.

Hence, here, on Educationforever, the material provided is prepared by the best teachers of the best coaching institutes for competitive exams. It is quite important for candidates, before appearing for the examination, to go through the previous year question papers with solved answers of all the government examinations.

Our EducationForever team here provides Free Model Practice Papers for the convenience of the candidates who are planning to prepare for all the government examination. The candidates can download question papers on almost all subjects like 

Electrical Engineering - Basic Electrical, Circuit Theory;

Banking Awareness -General Questions, ICICI Bank, RBI, BOB, Debit/ Credit Cards, National Housing Bank, PSB, UBI, Vijaya Bank, Canara Bank, IRDAI, History of Banking, BIS, etc.;

NetworkingStructured Query Language (SQL)Computer Fundamentals – General questions;

Logical Reasoning – Theme Detection, Letter and Symbol Series, Essential Part, Number Series, Logical Detection, Artificial language, Making Judgments, Course of Action, Logical Problems, Statement and Assumption, Verbal Classification, Statement and Conclusion, Analogies, Statement and Argument, Analyzing Arguments, cause and Effect;

Verbal Reasoning – Odd Man Out Series, Analogy, Character Puzzles, Classification, Missing Word Pair or Group, Arithmetic Reasoning, Coding, Series Completion, and Decoding, Logical Sequence of Words, Pair and Group of Words, Blood Relation Test, Direction Sense Test, Seating Arrangement, Cause and Effect, Syllogism, Data Sufficiency, Verification of Truth, Cube and Cuboids;

Non verbal Reasoning – Analogy, Classification, Analytical Reasoning, Series;

General English – Antonyms, Synonyms, Sentence formation, Alternative Word, Idioms Phrases, Word Correction and One Word Substitution;

General Knowledge - Basic General Knowledge, Sports, World History, World Geography, Indian Politics, General Science, Biology, Animal World, Chemistry Indian Literature, Indian Geography, Indian Mythology, Physics, World Literature, Indian Culture, Indian History, World Economy, World Organizations, Books and Authors, Days and Years, Famous Places in India, Famous Personalities, Honors and Awards, Indian Economy, Inventions, Technology;

Arithmetic Aptitude – Mix, Problems on Trains, Percentage, Time and Distance, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Calendar, Problems on H.C.F and L.C.M, Area, Average, Permutation and Combination, Boats and Streams, Compound Interest, Races and Games, Allegation or Mixture, Simplification, Stocks and Shares, Bankers Discount, Odd Man Out and Series, Partnership, Ratio and Proportion, Volume and Surface Area, Surds and Indices, True Discount, Simple Interest, Chain Rule, Pipes and Cistern, Problems on Ages, Probability, Cube Root, Clock, Numbers, Logarithm, Height and Distance, Square Root and Decimal Fraction.

To successfully pass the examinations, candidates should focus of general points such as written work; task administration abilities, study and testing system, paper set of all the subjects etc. Candidates need to prepare strategies of determination, to regulate their habit of study, especially on math and science, to pass the examination successfully.

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