Rewards Points

Motivation is the best tool to encourage anyone, and so organized the awards system for the members. This plan has been started to recognize the contributions of each and every person to the

The recognition and contribution of each person will be done on the basis of points system. For each activity points will be awarded to the user, which they can redeem later.

The best part is activities are very simple and easy. Various activities at the site will be having points. It can either be answering questions, submitting contents, posts, moderating in the forums, any change regarding profile, etc. and, when the user participate in any of them, he/ she will receive the points as stated in the list.

Hence, the more you participate, the more points you will earn, thus, more earning you will have.

How to Earn Points?

The credits will be given to the users for each activity done. The new user will be able to earn points at the time of joining too which is 200 points. These points will get increase with the participation of user in any activity such as asking a question, answering, and commenting, voting, sharing, following, any profile update or rating and sharing reviews.

How one can Lose Points?

There are different situations that can lead you to lose your earned points. These are basically the penalties that are charged on your accounts in terms of any kind of misuse done by the member. It includes:

  1. Unfollow Friend/ Article/ Organization – In this case you will lose 10 points
  2. Report Incorrect Profile Picture – a wrong profile picture will not be accepted by the site at all and so you will lose 50 points directly.
  3. Report Abuse - When your content is marked as abuse, our team will recheck it and if it gets accepted you will lose 10/ 20 points depending upon the activity.
  4. Report Duplicate Comment – If we find any of such activity, you will lose 10 points. So, be unique while you participate in this activity.
  5. Report Duplicate Ask Question – Posting of same question in any format or way will make you to lose 20 points from your accounts. Hence, try to ask the question that is beneficial as well as unique for other users too.

In order to earn more points, you need to have quality as well as well quantity in content writing or every other activity participated. You may check out the below given list in terms to know the points you will earn for each activity participation at our website.


Rewards Points

Add Module 10
Add Organization 10
Got Joining Credits 100
Post a Comment 5
Follow Friend/Article/Organization 5
Download PDF Model Paper 5
Complete 100% Profile 20
Update Profile Picture 10
Your answer is marked as the answer 10
Update Profile Information 10
Give an Online Exam 10
Submit a Rating 5
Post a Job Information 10
Post a Result Information 5
Rate and Review Organization 20
Post a Question 20
Post an Answer 10

Penalty Points

Inactive Posted Result 5
Mark as wrong 20
Inactive Posted Answer 10
Inactive Posted Job 10
Inactive Posted Module 10
Inactive Posted Organization 10
Unfollow Friend/Article/Organization 5
Report abuse / duplicate comment 5
Report incorrect Profile Picture 10
Report abuse / duplicate Ask Question 20


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