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For most of us when we hear the word detective the first image that comes to our mind is a person with a striped hat, person carrying a big magnifying glass, a person who has cool and advance gadgets and person sees everything with logical analysis, breaking and mending facts and figures to find the hidden truth in sea of lies this kind of figure that we imagine a true ally of justice. Sherlock Homes a name that everyone knows a person who has solved many cases and has Doctor Watson as assistance for help. And like that there are others in fantasies, novel characters and many more but are they just our fantasies or are they reality? Career as a DetectiveYes, they do exist but not like Sherlock Holmes or like Inspector Gadgets with flashy looks and gadgets build for them. They are people like you and me who risk their life&rsquos to reveal the mysteries and solve cases but usually they don&rsquot disclose their identity so as to keep working secretly without anyone noticing.So, the questions that comes on our minds are who is the Detective? Who can become a Detective? How to become a Detective? What is its future scope? What about pay? Who is the Detective?Detective is a person who investigates facts and figures to find out truth behind the crime. Detectives usually do crime scene investigation, evidence collection, witness interviews, report writing, record keeping, courtroom testimony, preparing arrest warrants, writing probable cause affidavits, preparing and executing search warrants, arresting, trying to uncover frauds, cheats and vicious criminals. Depending on the agency, criminal investigators may have to work Monday to Sunday, unlike uniformed officers who often work on shifts. Since, crime can happens at any day or time, detectives are subjected to be called out and are often required to investigate crime scenes at odd hours. Detectives may specialize in specific crimes, such as: Crimes against persons, Property crimes, Homicide, Sex crimes, White collar crimes.

Who can become a Detective?

The basic qualities to become a Detective are that a person must be analytical, enthusiastic about truth, must be intellect, should be ready to search for answers and not ready to give up. The most important part of becoming a detective is that a detective must be always be open to ideas and be open minded and also be good at disguise and deceiving to lure out truth. A person aspiring for becoming a detective must be acquainted with latest technologies like computer software&rsquos and hardware&rsquos. He should also have knowledge of multi-language so as to be able to communicate and understand foreign environment. Detectives are often involved in arresting suspects and hence they must have physical strength and stamina. There some skills that one must develop as amateur

  • Developing eye for details: Meaning one must be observant to note out small details of everything
  • Develop Reasoning skills: Being able to think through a problem without making illogical leaps.
  • Learn from your surrounding: Being able to understand and analysis people in crowd from their intensity of speech or way they behave and study their body language to understand the mood of a person.
  • Know how to Find information: Searching and collecting information in useful.

Especially the order of information arrangement and also way and its interpretation.How to become a Detective? Most of the people who become detective are generally former police officers and received special tanning to become a detective. There are basically two ways to become detective one is by obtaining degree in specified fields of detective or if you are skilled enough to join private detective agency based upon your skills. In country like India, one does not need any kind of special degree or certification to become a Detective. In India, a person who has skills and mind can become a Detective based upon their stalking skills. To become self-detective you need to follow some practices like

  • Making a self-observation tool kit containing binoculars magnifying lens, fingerprint dusting powder, a pair of gloves, an ultra violet torch and self-treating medical kit.
  • Try practicing logical cryptograms, Nano grams, and Sudoku puzzles.
  • Study body language to know about person facial expression and what they mean to know whether a person is telling truth or not.
  • Try to practice questing people and what type of question should you ask. 

But in foreign countries, you need to go under proper police training after that they are to qualify a Detective examination to become a professional detective. Their training is around for 2 years.

What is its future scope?

In our present scenario, the crime rate is increasing and criminals are to be brought down and hence a Detective is needed to bring the criminals to their justice. Detectives are not only catching criminals but also finding about frauds, scams and cheats of companies and institutions. In countries like India private detective agencies have taken their shape making and confronting the criminals with the help of police.What about pay? Salary or pay in this field varies according to the job assigned and risk related to it. Let say for example, finding about the cheating husband or wife may cost less but for finding out bigger criminals, scams in companies may bring you fortunes. The average salary that a private detective agency pays is between 3.2 lakh to 7.9 lakh per annum. Generally when people are asked, is there a private detective you know name of not the frictional one but real one, and most us are like hum!! We don&rsquot know. But there is a name that has reached many ears, you may know her by name or by face as she have received many awards in field of detective, one who solved over 2000 cases successfully.


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