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NATA aspirants: What it takes to become an Architect?

    Career Guidance on  Wednesday, 15 May 2019

An architect is referred to a person who is professionally trained to design buildings and other structures or plan and supervise the construction of various buildings.

An architect lives forever in the buildings he builds.

What it takes to become an Architect?

First things first, what all are you willing to give up or take up to become the best? Are you willing to let go of the comfort your thoughts sit at? Are you willing to take up the challenges your designs are going to throw at you? Are you willing to look for inspiration around when nothing strikes your mind? Are you willing to work on projects that need your brain to swell up to the size of a football? There are so many such questions that line up in an order to validate if you can make a great architect. Of all these things, what makes you the best is YOU, the design you think and the blocks you build.

Other qualities that may fall in the list of the best Architect are as follows:

Passion: One who has a strong passion for things, does things more easily in the tough times than someone who has no passion for it. Being passionate about buildings and their designs can get you a long way, make you more productive and excel in the field itself.

Creativity: Being able to make something beautiful out of everything itself is a successful trait. Being able to put that into the design you make and the problems that rise time to time might help you become a successful architect and will take you a long way.

Patience: Everything that's at its best takes a certain amount of time to get recognized. Design, build and walk at your pace. The credit, appreciation and the hard work that you on the blocks you built will eventually come to you.

Good at solving problems: If you possess an interest in solving problems, you are on a go to become an architect. When building your design or meeting client's needs, there are chances of experiencing many problems, being able to solve that problem not only makes the client happy but also, put a block on your career being built.

Negotiation skills: Having good communication skills may take you a long way, one of the reasons behind a successful business is the social skill one possess to convey requirements nicely and get things done. In a architects case, he may need it to communicate with the client, engineers, designers, and other staffs.

Zeal for it: Doing something for the sake of it is not going to take you anywhere. If you have the zeal for it, nothing on the way can stop you from reaching where you want to be. If you have the zeal for sketching, designing and bringing that design to life, you are surely up for being an architect.

Leadership: Carrying this quality in you will help you gain attention and name quickly as you may get an opportunity to lead your own team on a project. The expectation and the work load can get frustrating and stressful for a leader. Also, remember when something successful happens, the leader is the first person who gets appreciated and called first. 

Being Organized: Being organized can help you in a long run, although one may consider it as not an option. List down all the to-do things and follow them as these may help you save a lot time while not messing the schedule and keeping you punctual for all the meetings.

Mad school, NATA coaching centre in Chennai and Hyderabad is a place that trains and helps all the NATA aspirants to become best at these traits and enhances all that is needed to clear NATA exam that conducted every year by the Council of Architecture for measuring the aptitude ability of the NATA applicants for securing admissions in a recognized architectural institution of India. Our classrooms are built with an aura of creativity, experience and a sense of longing to reach every success art student dream of.

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